About Us

Brad and his wife Velva founded Brown's Cabinetry & Fixture LLC in 2007 after a long time love of making custom furniture. He had been building custom cabinets for years, besides making tables, television cabinets, and other furniture for his own home and for a few clients, but the demand was growing. Because the couple already owned and operated a home service company, they knew how many home owners were looking to have custom bathroom and kitchen cabinets in their homes. The company started off doing small custom cabinet jobs, but quickly grew to doing large kitchens with intricate details.The cabinet business grew dramatically as clients told their friends and family, who then told even more people just how great the products were.
About a year after beggining the cabinetry business, Brad found out about some opportunities to build store fixtures and was soon building showrooms for the Apparel Mart in Atlanta. This branch of the business has allowed Brad and Velva to travel to Alabama, New York, and even Italy, while sending fixtures to Las Vegas and several other cities. Brad and Velva's decision to venture into the cabinet business has proven to be an ever-expanding horizon full of opportunity.


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